Fun Dental Facts:

  • Did you know that strawberries can whiten your teeth?
  • Did you know that your toothbrush should be replaced after you experience a cold?
  • Saliva is a slightly alkaline secretion from your salivary glands that is 99 percent water.
  • Wisdom teeth need to be extracted when there are issues with the teeth.
  • Whitening with custom trays is the system that has been most widely used over time; it is considered the gold standard for teeth whitening.
Welcome to our practice. Here’s what to expect at your initial appointment. When you come in, we’ll ask you to fill out a patient questionnaire and medical history form. You can download these from the For Patients page of our website and fill them out at home, if that’s more convenient for you.

These forms are important. The information you provide helps us determine the course of your treatment. We need to know your entire health history, including allergies, sensitivity to anesthetics, and long-term medications.

If you have dental insurance, please have the following information available at the time of your appointment:

  • Photo Identification
  • Dental Insurance Card
  • The name of the insurance carrier
  • The subscriber’s Social Security Number and/or ID number
  • The subscriber’s date of birth

Plan for the initial appointment to take about an hour. We will examine your teeth, gums, jaw alignment and soft tissues. We may take X-rays. The exam also includes an oral cancer analysis. Generally, a cleaning will be done at this visit as well.

If you need to be pre-medicated prior to treatment, please notify us when setting up your appointment. You must let us know if this condition exists. If in doubt, please contact your physician.

We look forward to meeting you.

If you have to cancel an appointment, please notify our office at least 24 hours in advance. Typically, we send courtesy reminders the day before appointments, however, we caution you against relying solely on this reminder. You are responsible for remembering appointments. Patients scheduled for a Monday appointment will receive a reminder on Thursday or Friday. You may be charged a fee for any missed appointment not canceled 24 hours in advance.
Our office hours are 7 am–7 pm Monday through Thursday with select Friday hours as well. We are closed for lunch between 1 and 2 pm. Hours are by appointment.
If you have insurance, we require the following information before your appointment:

  • The name of the insurance company
  • The name of the subscriber’s employer
  • Social Security Number and/or ID number of the subscriber
  • Birthdate of insurance plan participant

We accept Medicare Supplements that cover Dental Services. We also accept Delta Dental Healthy Kids and several Healthy Michigan plans. Please note that we do not accept Medicaid. Call our office if you have any questions about your coverage.

We’ll give you an estimated co-payment amount based upon the information you provide. The co-payment is due at the time of the treatment. This is only an estimate and may be altered if benefits do not match expected payments. We will help you in determining your coverage. However, if coverage cannot be verified, you will be asked to pay 100% of the charges at the time of treatment.

Our policy is to receive payment at the time of service. If you are unable to render payment at that time, arrangements must be made with the office prior to your appointment. Charges for initial appointments for new patients are always due at time of service with no exceptions.

We accept payments by cash, personal check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit®.

Please remember that you are fully responsible for all fees. If you are unsure of your insurance plan’s coverage, please ask us and we will make all attempts to locate this information for you. If you have questions concerning our fees or billing practices, please let us know. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.